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 The West Nantmeal Township Building is closed to the public through April 10.  We may be reached by phone 610-286-9722 or email wntwp@ptd.net.

March 23 Planning Commission meeting is cancelled in an abundance of caution for the safety of our residents and the agenda is postponed until the April 27 meeting.  The April 13 Board of Supervisors meeting is still scheduled to be held, however, please check the website for updates.  Persons with health problems, compromised or weak immune systems, or who have recently visited foreign countries with confirmed cases of the COVID-19 virus and the elderly should avoid visiting the Township office and attending any Township meetings in the upcoming months.  

Be informed about the Coronavirus (COVID-19) – Visit the Chester County website https://chesco.org/4376/2019-Novel-Coronavirus

2020 Census forms will be e-mailed by March 20 and paper forms will arrive by April 16.  The Census will not ask for any personal information.  If you have questions, call the Chester County Planning Commission at 610-344-6285.

Please support the 2020 Elverson-Honey Brook EMS Fund Drive

Visit HelpFightFire.com to see how you can serve our community as a volunteer with the Fire Company!  

West Nantmeal Township is a rural community situated in the northwest section of Chester County, PA. West Nantmeal Township is a Township of the Second Class. This class distinction is determined by population. It is governed by a three-person board, elected, and serving staggering terms of six years. A Planning Commission who serves staggering four-year terms is appointed by the Board of Supervisors.

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455 N. Manor Road
PO Box 234
Elverson, PA 19520


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of Supervisors

The Board of Supervisors also appoints members to the three-person Zoning Hearing Board, for six-year staggered terms. We have three auditors and one tax collector who are all elected. The Roadmaster and the Secretary and Treasurer are appointed positions.

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The Township is committed to minimizing tax increases. Our Real Estate Tax of .44 mills and an Emergency Services Tax of .25 mills give a combined tax of .69 mills. We also have an Earned Income Tax of 1% that is shared between the township and the Twin Valley School District, and a Property Tax going exclusively to the school district. We also share a transfer tax on real estate sales that is split between the township and the school district.

There are fines, specific fees for services, grants, and state programs that also generate revenue to operate the township.

The township office is housed in the former Central School. The school closed in 1966. Built in 1879, the school served as an elementary and high school for area children. The Board of Supervisors purchased the school from the Twin Valley School District in 1968 and has used it as the municipal building ever since.

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West Nantmeal Township

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(2010 Census)




.44 Real Estate
.25 for EMS




15.5 Miles


19.25 Miles

Township News

Chester County Pipeline Information Center Website

The Chester County Board of Commissioners is pleased to announce the Pipeline Information Center website. The website provides a wide range of objective information on proposed pipeline projects, regulatory agencies, the regulatory process, pipeline maps, and other pipeline resources. A goal of this initiative is to promote pipeline safety and public awareness through a partnership with pipeline providers, regulators, municipal governments, and other agencies.

The Chester County Planning Commission (CCPC) has been designated as the County’s “point of contact” for issues dealing with proposed pipeline projects within Chester County. We are inviting partner agencies to both visit the website and to provide any pipeline project related information appropriate for posting to the project information page.

Chester County Pipeline Information Center